Not environmental protection is difficult to survive
2017-05-10 10:29:45

 Not environmental protection is difficult to survive

Plastic pollution of the environment is well known, yesterday in Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, the opening of the 23rd Asian Plastics Forum to discuss the sustainable development of the plastics industry, the Asian Plastics Forum Secretary-General Zeng Guocheng is pointed out that if the plastic enterprises do not pay attention to environmental protection and can Sustainable development, will be difficult to survive.
It is reported that the Asian Plastics Forum was established in 1991, is Asia's largest and most influential international exhibition of the plastics industry. The forum is held once a year, with 12 countries including China, Japan, Bangladesh and India.
Taizhou is located in the central coastal areas of Zhejiang Province, since the reform and opening up, with a flexible private mechanism and the courage to create the spirit of adventure in the plastics industry to create a world.
The rapid development of the plastics industry in the city attracted the first time that the Asian Plastics Forum settled in 2010. After three years, the forum once again settled in Taizhou, this topic will focus on the sustainable development of the plastics industry.
Asian Plastics Forum Secretary-General Zeng Guocheng is particularly concerned about this issue. He said that in many countries in Asia, small and medium enterprises in the plastic industry accounted for a large proportion, but they as the primary task, ignore the environmental issues, resulting in serious pollution problems in the plastics industry.
He believes that in the long run, environmental protection and sustainable development is no doubt that the trend lies. "Enterprises do this, you can develop, if not well, will not survive after."
Zeng Guocheng introduction, the forum invited the plastics industry experts, will explore the sustainable development of the plastics industry, how to reduce carbon emissions and marine garbage and other hot issues. He hoped that the participants would be able to bring the information conveyed at the forum back to their respective countries and provide more knowledge for the development of the local plastics industry.
Forum, China Plastics Processing Industry Association, said Qian Guijing, China has become the world's plastics production power, export power and consumer power. "China's plastics industry is still stable growth, but the growth rate of decline in the larger." He believes that China's plastics industry has followed the number of stages, is entering the level of quality stage, independent innovation and advanced technology is particularly important The
There are "plastic products kingdom," said Taizhou City is also facing the transformation of the plastics industry to upgrade the problem. Taizhou City Vice Mayor Li Yue Cheng said that in the context of the rise of low-carbon economy and environmental protection, the local plastics companies should change the mode of development, adjust the industrial structure, in order to fundamentally avoid the financial crisis brought about by the negative impact.
It is reported that Taizhou City, a total of more than 10,000 plastic production enterprises, mold production enterprises more than 2,000, the annual consumption of nearly 5 million tons of plastic raw materials, accounting for about one-tenth of China's raw material consumption.