Unitization is the maximum characteristic of stretch film packaging
2017-05-16 10:34:14

Unitization is the maximum characteristic of stretch film packaging

The product is wrapped around the retracting force of the stretched film to form a compact, space-free unit as a whole so that the pallet of the product is tightly wrapped together to effectively prevent the product from being dislocated during transport With the mobile, stretch stretch film at the same time adjustable tensile force can make rigid products close to the soft product tightening, especially in the tobacco industry and the textile industry has a unique packaging effect.
The use of stretch film for product packaging, can effectively reduce the use of cost, the use of stretch film is only about 15% of the original box packaging, heat shrink film about 35%, about 50% of carton packaging, and can reduce the labor intensity, Packaging efficiency and packaging grade.
Unitization is one of the greatest characteristics of stretch film packaging. With the thin film of the winding force and retraction, the product compactly and fixedly tied into a unit, so that small pieces into a whole, even in adverse circumstances, the product is not any loose and separation, degree and no sharp The edge and sticky, so as not to cause damage.
The primary protective stretch film provides the surface protection of the product, forming a very light, protective appearance around the product, so as to achieve dust, oil, moisture, water, and theft. Particularly important is the stretch film packaging to make the packaging items evenly force, to avoid uneven damage to the items, which is the traditional packaging (bundling, packaging, tape and other packaging) can not do.