Growth process and market analysis of stretch film
2017-05-19 10:18:09

Growth process and market analysis of stretch film

Stretch film is LLDPE as the main raw material, the casting or blown film made of a stretch and self-adhesive packaging film, the thickness range is 12μm ~ 30μm, Chan Raomo by the use of the machine can be divided into machine pull And hand-drawn film, its characteristics are different. The advantages of winding film packaging is easy to operate, low cost, especially suitable for modern logistics in the pallet cargo packaging. Domestic stretch film from the mid-90s of last century, in less than 10 years time has made considerable development in all walks of life has been widely used.
The growth process of the wound film
90 years, winding film from the European and American countries into the domestic, Fujian Jia Tong, Zhejiang Shin Kong and other companies on the production of the wound film made a useful exploration. At the end of 1997 Jiangsu Huatong plastic from abroad to take the lead in the introduction of professional equipment began specializing in the production of Chan Raomo, Chan Raomo as a large-scale processing of products began to grow up in the country. As of the late 1990s, the domestic market is still less than 20,000 tons, mainly concentrated in Guangdong and Shanghai, foreign-funded enterprises, of which 50% of the film is from Australia and Italy and other countries imported. At the beginning of 2000, the domestic self-made wound film equipment (domestic small line) gradually developed, less than 60,000 yuan a investment threshold to attract a lot of manufacturers into the field of Chan Raomo production, stretch film production scale is rapidly expanding. At the same time, Jiangsu Huatong plastic and other first-tier manufacturers have begun to increase production line, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Taiwan's manufacturers have set up factories in the Mainland, large-scale production Chan Raomo. By 2005, the domestic stretch film production of more than 140,000 tons, the formation of several manufacturers and many small factories (more than 100) coexistence situation. In the process of the growth of the wound film, the sea in Shanghai as the representative of the winding film packaging machine factory also played a role in promoting each other. Up to now, winding packaging machine manufacturers from the beginning of a development to the current about more than 30. The rapid growth of the wound film market can be seen.
Stretch film market size
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       Stretch film started in the country late, initially only Guangdong, Shanghai, foreign-funded enterprises to use (its foreign local plant has been used), the amount of small, slower growth. But with the stretch film is constantly being promoted, more and more enterprises began to accept this low cost, easy to use new packaging materials. From 2002 onwards, the market demand for wound film annual growth rate of more than 35%. In 2005, from the application point of view, the total amount of domestic wound film around 12,000 tons, of which 25% of machine pull film, hand-pull film accounted for 75%. In addition, there are 25,000 tons of exports. From the scale of production, the total output of the domestic stretch film around 145,000 tons. One of the first-tier manufacturers in 40,000 tons of production, domestic winding film production line in the small million tons. With large-scale production of the manufacturers concentrated in the 4 -5 home. From the distribution area of ​​the wound film market, more than 95% of the amount concentrated in the coastal economically developed areas. In the future, with the rise of the central and western regions of the economy, Chan Rao film market will gradually expand. Stretch film is a large package of supplies, more and more widely used, where there are pallets, there is a stretch film, it will be in a very long time to maintain rapid and steady growth.
Stretch film production technology and production equipment development
From the domestic production of several large winding film manufacturers, Chan Raomo production technology in recent years did not have significant development, but with the promotion of metallocene polyethylene, and customer demand for single-cost increase, the average stretch film The thickness has dropped from the beginning of the 23μm to the current 17μm, the recent trend to 15μm direction. In reducing the thickness of the product, only imported equipment can be competent. In the handmade film, there has been a new product of paperless tube, pre-stretched film, are now around to further reduce the cost of packaging. Equipment configuration is similar to Jiangsu Huatong plastic, for example, the technical performance of imported equipment is the use of three co-extruded, the production rate of about 500 meters / min, the output of about 1 ton / hour. Recently, the domestic manufacturers have plans to introduce 2.5 meters to 3 meters 5 layer co-extruded cast line.
Stretch film field of another force is the use of domestic small equipment manufacturers, they accounted for 70% of the market share. Although the quality of the film can not be compared with the production of Chan Rao film, but its low price, occupy the majority of low-end user market. Domestic small line of equipment manufacturers have been developed to dozens. Domestic small line from the start when the use of single layer, 600 mm wide, 60 m / min processing speed, has now developed to double, 1200 mm wide, 80 m / min (commonly known as 1 meter line), film appearance and winding Quality has been greatly improved. In general, the wound film relative CPP, OPP and other industries, technology is relatively simple, relatively small investment, customer quality requirements are not high, resulting in domestic small-line equipment manufacturers and small wire film plant are more easily developed.
It is noteworthy that in recent years, domestic equipment manufacturers began to develop domestic winding film large line, of which Jiangsu three letters, Guangdong Shicheng, Hebei new music as the representative. The machine performance positioning is: 3 layer co-extrusion, speed 300 m / min. But the domestic line in the edge of the material on-line recycling and other aspects of the technology is not yet mature, the actual performance of the machine from the design and positioning is still a considerable gap, so the equipment sales growth slower. But in the long run, this price and grade of equipment will gradually be favored by the user. During the development of the domestic wound film, the casting method replaces the blown film method. Blown film method used in more special places, such as pasture film, high puncture film and rust-proof film and so on.
Development Trend of Stretch Film in China
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        1. Domestic demand for wound film growth is strong, each year will continue to increase the rate of about 30%. According to statistics, the amount of wrapping around the mainland is much lower than that of other countries and economic zones. As the center of future world processing and manufacturing, its growth potential can be foreseen.
2. Stretch film demand increases, led to the stretch film production capacity. In the next 3 years, the new equipment or to small domestic-based, because of its low cost, fast features, suitable for the majority of small and medium investors. However, based on large-scale production, comprehensive low cost, product quality and stability considerations, the import production line investment will continue to grow slowly, mainly concentrated in the original winding film manufacturers, will be the main expansion. In addition, the growth of the wound film market and the stagnation of the CPP market will lead to the domestic market to increase the speed of the market.
3. Stretch film market competition will become more and more intense. As a one-time packaging supplies, customers of the product quality requirements vary greatly, the market is full of various quality of the wound film, can be described as quite a mixed bag. At first the competition is mostly price competition, however, manufacturers and small cable film factory sales are still different. But with the small cable film factory product quality improvement, and manufacturers will soon compete for high-end customers; the other hand, the manufacturers through the increase production, large-scale operation, reduce costs, to compete for small wire film market, so competition will intensify The
4. On the whole, the demand for stretch film in the next few years will be greater growth, but profit margins will be smaller and smaller. Compared to other films, the wound film into the threshold is lower, more intense competition. It is conceivable that the profit margins per ton of wound film will drop to less than $ 50 per tonne, when the industry is likely to reintegrate. Reference to the development of foreign stretch film, the current nearly 100 manufacturers small factory princes melee situation, may evolve into several manufacturers divided the scene. Scale production, reduce costs and energy consumption, improve quality and expand sales channels, will become the ultimate trend of the development of Chan Raomo enterprises.