What is the difference between a stretch film and a protective film?
2017-05-24 15:07:07

What is the difference between a stretch film and a protective film?

      Recently, many people will ask, stretch film and protective film What is the difference? Stretch film is generally added in the PE film with a sticky additives, such as PIB masterbatch, after casting processing. And the protective film points, the most common is a good blown film PE film coated with a layer of glue, as in everyday life, similar to the transparent tape, mainly used to protect the solid surface, when not torn off. Specific details, the following for everyone to share the next.
 High viscosity and high tensile film
What is the difference between a stretched film and a protective film:
1. The same material, the process is not the same:
Stretch film is the use of PE polyethylene, is a very good toughness of the material, not easy to use ordinary plastic crusher crushing, and the protective film is the main ingredient of ethylene as masterbatch by polymerization reaction, according to the materials used and add Different plasticizers, plastic wrap is divided into a variety of types, can be applied to different occasions.
2. use is not the same:
Stretch film is mainly used in alcohol, cans, mineral water, all kinds of beverages, cloth, non-food, pharmaceutical packaging, and so on a variety of products sales and transportation, and protective film is mainly used for microwave food heating, Refrigerator food preservation, fresh and cooked food packaging and other occasions, in the family life, supermarket stores, hotels and restaurants and industrial production of food packaging;
3. Environmental starting point is not the same:
Stretch film material pe can reduce the atmospheric environmental pollution, reduce the amount of waste disposal, recycling, reduce the overall cost of packaging and other advantages, while the protective film is some manufacturers use PVC materials, this plasticizer at room temperature from the plastic film Infiltration into the packaging of high-fat content of food, the human endocrine system caused great harm.