Shenzhen double source - professional stretch stretch film manufacturer
2017-05-24 15:28:52

 Shenzhen double source - professional  stretch film manufacturer

Stretch stretch film is a kind of packaging material in the process of transportation of goods, it can be in the process of product transport to play a fixed role in the protection of products to avoid collision in the collision and other hazards. In our daily life, stretching stretch film is also very common in all walks of life products transport, you can see its shadow, especially in the major product transport, it is the highest rate of use a stretch membrane. But now there are many manufacturers of tensile stretch film is the use of poor quality materials processing, viscous control is easy to Diajiao, serious and even pollution to the product surface. Shenzhen Zhanhui professional stretch stretch film manufacturers, using new materials and technology, rewrite the stretch stretch film purchase standard.
Shenzhen double source is a production, sales and service in one of the manufacturers, the main products are PE stretch film, PE wire film, sealing tape, and other packaging materials, all products have passed SGS testing, are in line with (ROHS) International Environmental standards, with a full set of advanced automatic stretch film machine and other production equipment and high-precision detection equipment, efficient technical team, as well as scientific and rigorous management mechanism, raw materials are used new PE materials. The company is committed to domestic and foreign enterprises to provide high-quality products and services, the company annual production capacity of 3,000 tons or more, the products sell well all over the country, exported to Southeast Asia and Europe and the United States and other countries.
Shenzhen double source stretch stretch film five characteristics:
1, strong sticky:
Double-produced stretch stretch film is made of polyvinyl chloride resin and tackifier special additives, comes with a sticky, can be tightly wrapped in the surface of the package, no heat shrinkage treatment;
2, tensile strength:
Double-source production of stretch film because of the use of high elasticity of raw materials to ensure that the processing out of the film stretch ratio of up to 1: 5, 2 times the ordinary film;
3, high transparency:
        Double-produced stretch stretch film with crystal clear raw materials and clean production technology, making stretch stretch film with ultra-high transparency and brightness, can clearly identify the package items to reduce the distribution error;
4, puncture resistance:
Double-source production of stretch winding high flexibility, high resilience, puncture resistance, can effectively protect the contents of the package is safe, not scratched;
5, can produce single-sided adhesive:
We can manufacture single-sided sticky products, reduce the noise emitted during the winding stretch process, reduce the transport, storage process dust, sand.
Shenzhen Shuangyuan Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. is located in Pingdi, standardized plant, advanced processing equipment and technology to ensure that the average monthly output of more than 180 tons. Double-source production of stretch film can be based on customer needs to provide different materials, specifications, characteristics, price of the stretch film products. Regular business, with the general taxpayer qualification, if required to open 17% VAT invoice. The goods can be shipped directly after 1-3 days, the company's own transport fleet, Monday to Saturday, Shenzhen City, free door-to-door, and accept the spot inspection. In addition to our production stretch stretch film, but also the production of pe stretch film, logistics stretch film, black stretch film, etc., there is a demand can call: +86 755-89311818 / 89311829 for consultation.