Stretch film why there will be horizontal pull broken film
2017-05-26 09:30:53

Stretch film why there will be horizontal pull broken film

When using the stretch film, always hear a lot of customer complaints that stretch film rupture phenomenon, which in the end is how is it? Let's explain it today!
Stretch film appears a lot of rupture of the film, especially for the relatively low thickness of the stretch film is more common, and which pull the film in the production process is the most common, the film is high-speed horizontal stretching the most likely to break, we Generally divided into transverse rupture of the cornea is divided into transverse rupture of the longitudinal rupture of membranes and off the three types of broken film, the following for everyone to analyze the three types of cross-scratch film causes.
There are many reasons for transverse rupture of membranes, the specific can be divided into:
1, the raw materials containing large differences in the performance of impurities (such as low molecular oil, etc.);
2, cast on the obvious horizontal stripes, bubbles;
3, all kinds of non-obvious horizontal pull film factors to further expand (longitudinal thickness fluctuations, etc.), so that the local area strain is too large;
4, the crystallization of the cast, the orientation deviation is too large;
5, the filter is damaged, the chip cast impurities high
6, nose leakage material
7, roll face crush;
8, scrap, equipment scratch film;
9, extrusion, longitudinal stretching temperature set incorrectly;
10, the top of the oven and the wind on the accumulation of a variety of volatiles fall on the film;
11, the production process chain folder damage.