Discussion on the Application Space of stretch Film in Electronic Appliance
2017-05-26 09:57:46
Discussion on the Application Space of stretch Film in Electronic Appliance
With the improvement of living standards and the continuous progress of technology, "basic consumption" rose to "quality of consumption" stage, home appliances and consumer electronics products have also undergone an important upgrading, and led the development of related industries, such as stretch film industry.
New requirements for stretch film industry
Change in color requirements
With the improvement of home appliances color and consumer electronics products, the rapid upgrading of home appliances and consumer electronics color has become an inevitable trend, the most important manifestation is the appearance of the product color from the traditional black, white, gray turn red, orange, yellow , Green, blue, purple and other colorful colors, as well as the corresponding cartoon patterns and even artistic screen.
The traditional practice is to increase the decorative process after stretching, such as spraying, electroplating, water transfer, bronzing, etc., but because of the cost and environmental issues, these processes are gradually marginalized.
In recent years, the industry was born and the more popular spray-free stretch film to subvert our understanding and understanding of traditional materials, it can be achieved through a single injection molding injection and spraying to achieve the appearance of the effect, to the home appliances and consumer electronics industry The designer offers more creative material for creativity.
Functional requirements change
As early as the 80s of last century, antibacterial materials and products in developed countries have entered a large number of daily life, such as antibacterial stretch film, antibacterial tiles, safe sterile board and other antibacterial materials products in Europe and the United States and other developed countries have been widely promoted.
In contrast, China's antimicrobial materials industry is still in its infancy. At present, antibacterial stretch film has been in the home appliances and consumer electronics applications on the case, especially in the field of air conditioning and refrigerator applications, it has its own broad market space.
Change in texture requirements
Since the Apple mobile phone as the representative of the consumer electronics set off a metal boom, the metal material market all the way to sing, metal materials in the field of consumer electronics and home appliances application of the limelight to catch up with the inherent advantages of stretch film, mobile phone, home appliances and other shell material began a large number The amount of compressed film used. Mainstream mobile phones such as Apple, HTC, Meizu, Huawei, ViVO, OPPO, etc. are used metal back cover, the TV cover is almost all metal-based body design, metal craze seems out of control. Currently used for mobile phone shell metal is divided into titanium and aluminum-magnesium alloy, its performance and effect is stretch film can not match.
At the same time, other materials in the home appliances and consumer electronics applications are gradually rising, such as "a plus mobile phone" began listing a variety of materials, mobile phone back cover, its materials are glass, bamboo, leather and so on.
However, in some low-end or export smart phones, will also use the stretch film plus spray technology to achieve imitation metal appearance effect.
Stretch film
Innovative application of stretch film
Before the metal boom, home appliances and consumer electronics materials are mostly stretch film home, this is because the stretch film and metal, glass, leather, etc. compared to the cost has a great advantage. In addition, for the molding manufacturers, because of its stretch film forming process is mature, so the probability is also a great guarantee. But also because of the stretch film material easy to color and easy to prepare, to meet the complex appearance of the shape and rich color effects, in terms of texture, stretch film material can also achieve high light, scrub, flexibility and other effects.
Therefore, in the current market, stretch film material to play a full use of ease of use and plasticity, coupled with the low cost of this feature, it is still home appliances and consumer electronics products with a good choice. However, based on changes in consumer demand, stretch film needs to show a new side, to help people get rid of "cheap materials", "low-end technology" look and feel, to the technical breakthrough innovation.
Spray-free stretch film is a new direction for the innovative application of stretch film. It is not only the progress of material technology, but also the need for injection molding equipment, injection molding process, structural design and mold structure technology, and finally delivered to the market and the manufacturer's Is a complete set of solutions, but also bring consumers a better visual experience, some people even think it is not like a stretch film, because compared to the traditional stretch film, spray-free stretch film from the appearance of texture and color aspects are Have a bigger boost.
The innovative application of stretch film is also reflected in the performance and function of the strengthening and enrichment, as mentioned above, the antimicrobial stretch film is a typical representative. There are also functional screens in the display such as brightening film, diffusion film material, diaphragm material in energy battery, high rigidity material in aviation military field and so on.
In summary, the future of home appliances and consumer electronics applications stretch film development trend, the overall can be summarized as the following:
(1) large-scale popular spray-free materials. In the future, the use of spray-free stretch film to achieve a variety of appearance texture and color effects will become a trend of application, spray-free stretch film applications will be large-scale popular.
(2) stretch film to high performance and functional development. Breakthrough tradition, the positioning of general materials, stretch film toward the high performance and functional direction, both in line with national policy-oriented, but also meet the market needs of the upgrade.
(3) stretch film and other materials combined application. Development of stretch film and metal, stretch film and glass, stretch film and ceramic, stretch film and wood combination of application technology and technology to achieve a seamless connection of different materials.