The future development of the world 's plastic packaging materials to six
2017-06-01 10:08:56

The future development of the world 's plastic packaging materials to six

 With the adjustment of market products, the development trend of plastic flexible packaging film is very obvious, the survival of the fittest market mechanism has been initially formed, small scale, poor quality of the enterprise has basically withdrawn from the market. Therefore, many enterprises with product structure adjustment, is accelerating the pace of large-scale production. On the whole, China's flexible packaging industry has formed its own basic industrial chain. The future of the world affect the beverage packaging materials market, the six major trends:
    One, eye-catching disposable plastic;
    Second, the pursuit of cost-effective green plastic (packaging materials);
    Third, the plastic is as the most preferred material is due to the rapid innovation of plastic can be lighter and more environmentally friendly;
    Fourth, the new and more flexible. The rapid development of bagging technology to make its production costs and speed to high-speed glass bottle production level; five, the second most simplified, reduce costs and overall carbon footprint, which will become the beverage packaging industry final trend.
    Six, plastic packaging materials market demand expansion, with the growth of beverage consumption, is expected in 2017 the global beverage packaging market value will reach 118.8 billion US dollars.
    At present, the United States, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region still accounts for the largest share of the global beverage packaging market. With the continuous improvement of income levels and changes in consumer lifestyles, beverage packaging demand will grow rapidly. In the Asia-Pacific region, particularly in China and India, as beverage consumption continues to rise, beverage packaging manufacturers will be given greater market growth opportunities.
    At present, the Indian packaging industry control the polymer consumption market share of nearly 48%, and 15% rate increased year by year. In recent years, the highly sought-after polymer packaging on the market, including multi-layer film, BOPP film, thin-wall molding, thermoplastic molding and extrusion containers. According to the packaging industry authority Prabuddha Dasgupta said, in view of the low cost of plastic, easy to use, the current market, many packaging companies will be plastic as the ideal packaging materials.
    With the world's first-class printing enterprises are absolute holding, the new wholly-owned production enterprises and holding companies, mergers and acquisitions of Chinese enterprises and other advantages, to accelerate its development in China. For example, a few days ago, the global packaging production giant Amko spent 350 million yuan to buy the Jiangsu Shenda Group's flexible packaging business. China as the most potential of the packaging market, will naturally attract foreign investment, which for China's flexible packaging color printing business, both opportunities and challenges.