Canadian Health Department: BPA is a safe food packaging material
2017-06-01 10:41:40

 Canadian Health Department: BPA is a safe food packaging material

According to the Canadian Health Ministry published the latest research report, the experiment proved that BPA (bisphenol A) is a safe food packaging materials, people do not need to "smell color change." For normal people (including newborns and children), exposure to BPA from daily food packaging does not endanger health. At this point, immersed for several months of BPA back to people's attention, once again topped the topic list.
The report, entitled "Effects of Phthalic Acid and BPA on the Health Status of Pregnant Women in Canada," was first published in the June issue of the journal International Journal of Environmental Sciences. For the latest research results, the Canadian Ministry of Health said "extremely important".
"We are aiming at the weakest pregnant women, making the results more convincing, and hope that people put away concerns and prejudices against BPA," a spokesman for the Canadian Department of Health said.
It is reported that the BPA research project by the Canadian Ministry of Health, Montreal, St. Justin Hospital and the Canadian Medical Research Institute to work together to complete, is an important part of the Canadian chemicals regulatory plan.
Shortly after the announcement by the Ministry of Health in Canada, Steven Hentges, director of the ACC / BPA association at ACC, commented, "This conclusion coincides with the previous opinion of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on BPA. In recent years, the global medical community on BPA-induced cancer research report overwhelmed by its impact, people on the BPA as food packaging materials is very worried.However, Canada's positive report on BPA to a certain extent, to eliminate people's hearts Of the doubts, while the FDA for the safety of BPA is a sure answer to become more vigorous!