Current Situation and Future Development of Food Packaging Materials
2017-06-01 10:47:23

 Current Situation and Future Development of Food Packaging Materials

PE, PP, PS, PET, PA, PVDC, EVA, PVA, EVOH, PVC, ionomer resin, and so on, which are used in food packaging. High resistance to oxygen, such as PVA, EVOH, PVDC, PET, PA, etc., high resistance to moisture PVDC, PP, PE, etc .; resistant to radiation such as PS aromatic nylon; low temperature, such as PE, EVA, POET, PA, etc .; oil resistance and mechanical properties such as ionomer resin, PA, PET, etc., that is, high temperature sterilization and low temperature resistance, such as PET, PA and so on. Various plastic monomer molecular structure is different, the degree of polymerization is different, the type and quantity of additives are different, the performance is different, even if the same kind of plastic brand nature will be different.
    Food packaging in China's packaging industry occupies a very important position, is the pillar industry of the packaging industry. According to information provided by the World Packaging Organization (WPO), the global packaging industry turnover of more than 500 billion US dollars, and its composition: paper and cardboard 32%, plastic 28%, 24% of metal, glass 6%, packaging machinery 5% The The other 5%, accounting for the top four is the four packaging materials - paper, plastic, metal and glass, the sum of the food packaging industry accounted for about 90% of turnover. In Japan, the average annual growth rate of total consumption of various packaging materials is 2.8%, of which paper and paper accounted for 4.7%, 4.9% metal, glass 3.3%, while the plastic reached 7.1%, indicating that the development of packaging materials is still plastic Material development is the fastest, this situation is worth the attention of domestic packaging materials manufacturers.
    Characteristics of traditional packaging materials
    Paper is a traditional packaging material, in the modern packaging industry system, paper and paper packaging containers occupy a very important position. Some developed countries, packaging materials accounted for packaging materials, the total amount of 40% -50%, China accounted for about 40%. From the development trend, the share of paper packaging materials will be growing. This is because the paper packaging material has a series of advantages: good processing performance, excellent printing performance, with a certain mechanical and mechanical properties, easy to complex processing, good shape, good health and safety, and a wide range of raw materials, variety, Low cost, easy to form high-volume production, while paper packaging containers lighter weight, good cushioning, so the application is very extensive, and paper waste can be recycled in natural conditions can be microbial degradation, no white pollution.
    Plastic is a kind of macromolecular polymer - resin as the basic component, and then add some kinds of additives used to improve its performance made of polymer materials, molecular weight is usually above 104-106, its macromolecules have a special structure, so that It has a series of special properties, such as chemical inertia, insoluble, toughness and so on. Plastic used as packaging materials is an important symbol of the development of modern packaging technology, because of its rich source of raw materials, low cost, excellent performance, as nearly 40 years the world's fastest growing, huge amount of packaging materials. Plastic packaging materials are widely used in food packaging, and gradually replaced the glass, metal, paper and other traditional packaging materials, so that the face of food packaging has undergone tremendous changes, reflecting the modern food packaging in the form of rich and varied, easy to use features, Become the main packaging of food packaging sales packaging materials. The disadvantage is that some varieties of food there are some health and safety issues, and packaging waste recycling of environmental pollution and other issues.
    Metal material is a long history of packaging materials for food packaging has been nearly 200 years of history. Metal packaging materials and containers are metal sheet or foil as raw material, and then processed into various forms of containers to package food. As the metal packaging material has a high barrier properties, excellent mechanical and mechanical properties and molding process performance, but also has good resistance to high and low temperature performance, thermal conductivity and surface decoration performance, it has excellent packaging characteristics, packaging and production efficiency , And metal packaging materials waste recycling easier, less pollution to the environment, but also return to renewable, saving resources and energy, which in promoting the "green packaging" today is particularly important. So the application of food packaging more and more widely become the most important modern one of the four major packaging materials. However, due to the poor chemical stability of metal packaging materials, acid and alkali, especially when packaged with high acid foods easily corroded, while the metal ions easily affect the food flavor, which to some extent limit its scope of use The
    Glass is made of quartz stone, soda ash, limestone, stabilizer as the main raw material, adding clarifying agent, coloring agent, bleaching agent, etc., by tempering melting and then condensed from a non-crystalline material. Glass is an ancient packaging material that has been used for food packaging for over 3,000 years. Due to the advantages of the glass itself, as a packaging material to show significant features: high barrier, bright and transparent, good chemical stability, easy to shape, but the glass container is large and easy to break, the performance of the shortcomings of the plant in the food The use and development of packaging, especially by the impact of plastic and composite packaging materials. With the development of glass production technology, has now developed a high-strength, lightweight glass materials and their products, the current use of glass in China accounted for about 10% of the total packaging materials, food packaging towels is still an important material one.
    Food packaging new materials continue to develop, giving the traditional packaging materials more features, many new technologies in the food packaging industry, get a wide range of applications. At the same time a variety of environmentally friendly food packaging materials, small, developed with the efforts to focus on the development of biodegradable plastic packaging materials, Sichuan to replace the traditional plastic products to solve the increasingly serious pollution problems, and environmentally friendly packaging recyclable integrated Use, so that its environmental benefits, social benefits, considerable economic benefits, is a sustainable development of green packaging, has now become an important businessmen businessmen.
    The development of food packaging materials needs to be improved from the following aspects
    Food bottle material stability, plasticizer event makes people for plastic food bottle packaging will release harmful substances, affecting food concerns. In fact, so far the food bottle of plasticizer hazards are inconclusive. Therefore, for the food bottle manufacturers, the initiative to enhance the stability of food packaging materials is very important.
    The biodegradability of the food bottle material, because the use of a wide range of food bottles, the recovery rate is generally low, a large number of food bottles is difficult to break down on the soil environment damage, a few years ago because of this reason the plastic bag was banned. Food bottles need to improve the degradation in order to avoid this policy risk.
    Heat resistance of food bottles. People's eating habits a lot of time need to heat the food, if the food bottle has good heat resistance, consumers can directly food as microwave oven and other environments, it is clear for consumers to provide a great convenience.
    New developments in the development of food packaging materials
    New food wrapping paper
    Insulation paper: it can convert solar energy into heat. With this material packaging food placed in the sun, you can heat the food, only the packaging will open, the heat will be dispersed.
    Antiseptic paper: Packaged with this paper can be stored at high temperature of 38 ℃ for 3 weeks without deterioration.
    Bean paper: it can be dissolved in water, town is widely used in various types of food packaging. The soil of this paper is made of rubbish.
    Pomace paper: the main ingredient for the food industry abandoned apple pomace. Used for food packaging. This paper is easy to break down after use, but also recyclable paper.
    Development Trend of Plastic Packaging Materials
    Plastic packaging is mainly to improve the meter, to provide more convenience; to improve the structure of composite materials to meet the more stringent requirements. Future trends are multi-layer composite airtight plastic, functional plastics, and the development of biodegradable plastics is more rapid. Such as the United States will further polymerization of lactic acid made of biodegradable plastics; Italy using corn starch production: biodegradable plastics. At present, the United States, France, Italy and other countries have monopolized billions of dollars of biodegradable market.