Stretch film in the logistics industry, the focus is not the same
2017-06-05 16:48:46

 Stretch film in the logistics industry, the focus is not the same

Stretch film in the logistics industry, the main packaging materials for the logistics industry has brought a lot of convenience, stretch film on the protection of goods, promotional functions, the adaptability of packaging machinery and other applications on the special needs. Packaging materials on the protection of goods is the most important and most basic function, it is no exaggeration to say that if the stretch film on the packaging of goods without reliable protection, then it lost the value of the use of packaging materials. Stretch film on the protection of goods is a multifaceted, different products, different forms of packaging, tensile film protection for the functional requirements of the focus is not the same.
 Stretch film
There are many varieties of stretch film, many of the use of stretch film, there are often mutual penetration, mutual substitution of the situation, but the characteristics of various stretch film itself can not be ignored. So the right choice, the application of good logistics packaging film is not easy. This requires the packaging materials industry personnel to understand the stretch film has some of the corresponding basic functions.
Reliable mechanical protection includes the protection of goods in the packaging of leakage or external substances into the packaging of goods damage and pollution. The mechanical properties of the film are directly reflected by the mechanical properties of the tensile film, such as tensile strength, tear strength, impact strength (impact impact) and anti-puncture strength.
Good welding strength is also a necessary condition for the bag to reliably protect the product. If the weld strength is insufficient, the weld will become a fatal weakness of the bag, due to the weld fracture leaving the plastic bag to protect the goods. Ordinary polypropylene biaxially oriented film has good mechanical strength, but the welding performance is poor, so the two-way stretch polypropylene single film is generally not used for bagging. Stretch film welding performance is usually expressed in weld strength, that is, N / 15mm, the higher the strength of the weld, said the better the welding performance.
Among the other functions of commodity protection, the most common consideration is barrier properties and shading properties. Barrier properties refers to the tensile film to prevent oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and other gases and aroma, water vapor and other substances through the performance, in the absence of a clear range, generally refers to the oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen and other non-polar gas barrier.
When we use the stretch film, we must first grasp the characteristics of the commodity and its basic requirements for packaging, while the tensile film, especially the commonly used stretch film basic performance and the main features have a clearer understanding. So as to choose the ideal stretch film.