How to reduce the cost of stretch film production
2017-07-10 13:54:25

 How to reduce the cost of stretch film production

Stretch film has been widely used in the logistics industry ,and now the market appears many manufacturers no matter the company scale big or small, In order to save costs, resulting in the market there have been many poor stretch film, so how to reduce the stretch film production costs?The following for everyone to introduce:
The main factors affecting the product are as follows:
 80% of raw materials; equipment accounted for 7%; core and other accessories accounted for 4%; energy consumption accounted for 5%; labor, waste, experiment, marketing accounted for 4%. Therefore, the raw material is the main factor affecting the price of stretch film. Reducing the amount of raw materials and improving the process is the main way to reduce the cost of stretch film.
First, reduce the stretch film thickness
From 1975 to 2013, the uniform thickness of the stretched film was reduced from 30 μm to 20 μm, while the elongation increased from 50% to 300%. This is due to the introduction of new materials, such as metallocene materials, which provide higher tensile strength and elongation.
Second, the use of new raw materials and process recipes
Recently, raw material suppliers for the stretch film manufacturers to provide another opportunity. This is the smooth layer and the adhesive layer with the core layer of the same grade of the original data, but in the adhesive layer to participate in a small proportion of the additive masterbatch (generally 15% to 35% of the layer). Similarly, in the smooth layer also participate in a certain percentage of additive masterbatch (up to 55% of the layer). At this point you can use the same large material station to stop storage of raw materials and optimize the disposal, and additive masterbatch can be stored directly in the original small bags.
Although the impact of stretch film consumption equipment, only 6% of the factors, but its reliability and quality is also a very important element. Any loss of raw material due to poor performance of the consumer line and equipment failure will have a direct negative impact on the yield of the entire project immediately. And even more than 10% increase in equipment investment to choose a better device, the cost ratio is only increased from 6% to 6.6%.
How to reduce the cost of stretch film, choosing a more reliable and higher quality production is the key elements