Wrapping film manufacturers teach you how to identify high-quality flexible stretch film
2017-07-26 15:49:29

Wrapping film manufacturers teach you how to identify high-quality flexible stretch film


Stretch film in the use of the time often encounter the problem of poor stretch, which is the user is a headache, and the poor stretch is easy to lead to the winding effect is not good, the effect of winding packaging Reduce, so you consumers pay attention to the purchase of winding touch, and must be on the stretch film stretch performance identification, then how to identify high-quality flexible stretch film? The following detailed description:


First from the winding film along the length of the direction of tearing, and then from the horizontal direction of the tear, good tensile strength of its impact on the strong, toughness is easy to tear, if too thin, then the toughness will be greatly Of the reduction, stretch is not good, so when the purchase of stretch film can not blindly pursue cheap, and go to buy some poor quality wound film.


Stretch film commonly used in packaging paper, logistics, chemicals, plastic raw materials, building materials, food, glass and so on. Good self-adhesive, high transparency and other items. Common colors are white, light yellow. Common specifications are wide 40,45,50 cm, length in meters, but also can be customized according to user requirements. SY winding film manufacturers using international advanced equipment and three-tier co-extrusion technology. Equipment has intelligent control system, concealed automatic cutter, automatic break material, automatic roll change and other functions, in order to achieve full automation operation. To ensure that the winding more solid, smooth. Overseas imports of raw materials + advanced production equipment. Quality raw materials, from the source to control the quality. International advanced production equipment, the quality and quantity. Production processes Cengcengbaguan to ensure 100% quality. Direct stretch products: stretch film, PE stretch film, packaging stretch film, logistics stretch film, etc., to provide stretch film wholesale, PE stretch film wholesale, packaging stretch film wholesale, logistics stretch film wholesale. If you need a friend can call the consultation!