Effect of Stretch Film on Packaging Industry
2017-07-29 10:52:15

Effect of Stretch Film on Packaging Industry

A variety of Stretch films performance and advantages is very prominent, and excellent application in various fields, the scene of mass used of crates and turnover box has no longer exist, and now almost all factory both use stretched film in the world, no doubt the Stretch film manufacturers development will be impressive.


Two kinds of usually used stretch film: transparent and black. tow colors of the stretch film both has a very excellent characteristics. their is stretch, winding, waterproof, fastening, transparent and hidden product appearance. According to the market development and demand, I have reason to believe that the colors stretch film will continue be product on-line in the future, a variety specifications of the stretch film will occupy most of the production line.



LLDPE stretch film as the main product in the factory, the material is base on high-quality LLDPE , add high-quality tackifier, then heating, extrusion, casting, and cooling in the and to be done, resulting it have Toughness, high elasticity, anti-tear, high viscosity, thin, cold-resistant, heat-resistant, pressure, dust, waterproof etc. their are have single-sided sticky and double-sided sticky, and it can save material, save labor, save time.


Stretch film is widely used in papermaking, logistics, chemical, plastic raw materials, building materials, food, glass and so on. Stretch film applications are very wide, but still many field of production has not been involved, many areas has been involved are not popularization, with the expansion of the application area, the amount of stretch films usage will be greatly increased its market potential is Immeasurable So stretch film manufacturers need to vigorously promote the production and application of stretch film.