Precautions about the use of machine stretch film
2017-08-04 17:04:19

 Precautions about the use of machine stretch film


top ten problems about stretch film packaging goods


1, tension is not uniform


Stretch film tension is usually not uniform. it resulting the inner layer is too tight, the outer layer is too loose. If you use this film on the stretch film packaging machine, it will cause the packaging machine to run unstable, there are uneven packaging size, make the film skewing, edge deviation is too large and so on, resulting in packaging products do not meet the quality requirements.


2, fracture surface is not uniform


Usually stretch film fracture surface needs been smooth, convex more than 2mm will be judged as non-conforming products, its not be accepted. fracture surface of the stretch film will also cause the stretch film packaging machine running unstable, make the film skewing, edge deviation is too large and so on.


3, wave surface


Wave surface is the finished stretch film surface uneven and bending, shaped like wave, this quality defects will directly affect the stretch film in the stretch film packaging machine running performance, and affect the quality of the final packaging products, such as packaging materials, stretching Performance, sealing strength deterioration, printing patterns and packaging deformation, etc., if this quality defects are obvious, such a stretch film can not be used in the stretch film packaging machine.


4, slitting deviation is too large


It is usually required to control the slit deviation of the stretched film within 2 to 3 mm. slitting Deviation too large will affect the package, such as pattern position offset, incomplete, asymmetrical packaging and so on.


5, poor quality joints


The quality of the joint is generally the number of joints, joint quality and joint requirements. Stretch film joints should be smooth, smooth, solid, can not overlap lap, the joint position is best in the middle of the pattern, and adhesive tape should not be too thick, otherwise there will be card film, film and cause downtime, affecting the stretch film packaging machine normal operation. Moreover, the connector should be clearly marked, easy to check, operation and processing.


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6, core deformation


Core deformation will cause the stretch film can not be properly installed in the stretch film packaging machine fixture. The main reason for the deformation of the film is to damage the core of the storage and transportation, the volume of the roll film is too large, and the core is poor in mass and the strength is low. For the core film deformation of the stretch film, usually returned to the supplier to rewind and replace the core.


7, stretch film direction wrong


Most stretch film packaging machine on the stretch film of the film direction of a certain request, such as the bottom of the first out or the first out first, which is mainly based on the structure of packaging machines and packaging products, decorative design design may be. If the direction of the stretched film is wrong, rewinding is required.


8, lack of length


Usually the length of the stretch film in units of measurement, such as 200m / volume, the specific value is mainly based on the use of the packaging machine stretch film maximum diameter and load capacity may be.


9, product damage


Product damage occurs in the cutting of the completion of the delivery to this stage, mainly stretch film damage (such as scratches, tear, holes), stretch film contamination, packaging damage (damage, water, pollution) and so on.


10, product labeling is not complete


Stretch film should have clear product identification, the main contents include: product name, specifications, packaging quantity, order number, production date, quality and supplier information. This is mainly to meet the delivery acceptance, storage delivery, production use, quality tracking and other needs, to avoid the wrong delivery and use.