Teach you how to distinguish between High temperature resistance masking tape and the Normal Masking tape
2017-08-15 14:06:45

The first you can use a lighter to bake the masking tape about 2 seconds, and then use your hand to touch it. If the tape become sticky ,it turns out that this is normal tape. If not, it is high temperature resistance masking tape.

 Masking tape is made of imported masking paper and pressure-sensitive adhesive (or other glue) , coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive on the masking paper, the other side coated with anti-sticking material.

With high temperature, good chemical resistance, high adhesion, soft and tear with no residual residue and other characteristics. known as the masking paper pressure sensitive adhesive tape.


Masking tape main application:

room temperature Masking tape: Use for furniture, interior decoration, painting cover, light bandage, packaging, etc .; 

sub-high temperature masking tape: car paint cover, paint coating cover, etc .;

high temperature US profile paper: Paint, paint, high temperature over tin furnace, the electronics industry.