What is the reason why the stretch films Compound fastness is poor?
2017-08-21 11:10:48
What is the reason why the stretch films Compound fastness is poor?
Stretch film manufacturers often occur such a phenomenon:stretch films Compound fastness is excellent when it just rewinding done. but the next day found that the fastness has been decreased, in fact,it is not caused by rewinding process, this is because PP and PE during the producting or forming film Adding heat stabilizer, antioxidant, anti-sticking agent, slip agent, etc., these substances will continue Exudating from the inside of the stretch film to the surface, if the dose is large, will result  the peel strength a significant decline ,this question will be appeared About 7 day in the normal  temperature,if it in the curing chamber only after 24 hours.
In practice, in order to solve the above complex problem,we need to make improve from the adhesive and the substrate.
1, the choice of adhesives, we all want to use the same kind glue(general-purpose glue) to complete all the complex problem, in fact, the so-called general-purpose glue is also a plastic factory goal, compared with the special rubber, There is a big difference between the general-purpose glues.as the general rule, stretch film, aluminum film, anti-static stretch film composite need special glue.
2, PE stretch film and CPP film for composite, the surface tension should not be less than 38Dyne, PE and CPP just rewinded done the surface tension are are more than 43Dyne, but PE and CPP with one feature,  Surface tension is  reduce very rapid when it be producted. generally ,it can maintain 38 dyne within a month , and maintain 35-36 dyne within 3 month, so in addition to less purchase, we need to check the fastness of stretch film when you use it.