How to solve the problem of bubbles in the production of stretch film
2017-08-28 10:55:49
How to solve the problem of bubbles in the production of stretch film
Stretch film will produce bubbles in the production process, first, Observe whether the bubble is regular. If the bubble is regular, there may be a problem with the roller, if there is no regularity, there may be glue and pressure on the glue or glue leveling is not good. Temperature control, stretch film residual solvent, too fast and so will produce bubbles.
When this happens, we should consider the method to be solved based on the type of bubble generated. Increase the pressure, control the amount of glue and speed, or to improve the temperature, the bubble can be solved. If the winter or similar PE stretch film on the anti-counterfeit standard bubble, the solution will have to be based on the sample.
It is worth noting that there is a special bubble is a composite process and stop the material, the joint parts of the bubble. (When the film is PE when the thickness of more than 5 silk will produce this situation).
Generally over the joints produce large area of ​​bubbles, the operator with a knife to cut, bar, in the course of this operation is a dangerous operation and waste.
In fact, to solve this problem is very simple: in the stop when the material can be reversed tape. Is affixed with bubbles, anti-paste film will break material, positive and negative paste can not only solve the bubble and ensure that the stretch film production continues to material, the effect is better, composite loss and stretch film loss less. Due to the composite press roller angle and the tape is attached to the tape when the advanced composite pressure roller caused by the joint bubble, the two sides paste the best results, the least waste.