Teach you how to distinguish between heat shrinkable film and PE shrink film
2017-10-05 13:39:00

 Teach you how to distinguish between heat shrinkable film and PE shrink film

There are many different kinds of protective membranes, and it is difficult for amateurs to distinguish between two similar protective membranes. Without enough experience, it is difficult to distinguish. Heat shrinkable membranes and PE shrink films are two types of membranes which are difficult to distinguish. There are only six steps to identify the heat shrinkable film and the PE shrink film.
1. unit cost
PE shrink film: the specific gravity is 0.92, the thinnest thickness is 0.012 mm, the actual unit cost is very low.
Heat shrinkable film: the specific gravity is 1.4, the thinnest thickness is 0.02 mm, the actual unit cost is higher.
2, physical characteristics
PE shrink film: thin, tough, uniform thickness, moisture resistance, soft texture. High tensile strength, tear strength, adjustable shrinkage speed. Because of LLDPE, the better the friction. Tear strength is lower than POF, but much higher than PVC, adjusted for uneven shrinkage and POF ratio, frictional resistance.
Heat shrinkable film: thick, fragile, uneven thickness, moisture resistance is poor, hard and crisp texture, low strength, low shrinkage, poor friction.
3, than storage performance
PE shrink film: good cold tolerance, - 50 C hard brittle, easily broken, can be used for frozen food packaging, reduce packaging - 50 C to 95 degrees Celsius after long-term storage stability; packaging, static electricity, prevent mist processing, no pollution of dust, can keep the product clean and bright.
Heat shrinkable film, cold resistance, superior or frozen in winter, not hard, brittle, so the traffic is not easy to rupture; eliminate static treatment, not easy to dye dust, can keep the product clean, cold resistance is very bad, or what happens when the winter freeze brittle, so transportation is easy to rupture, become tight the packing time, packing shrinkage deformation, eliminate electrostatic treatment, easily contaminated dust, the pollution of products.
4, ask processing performance
PE shrink film: the process does not produce water, nor will it stick to the sealing strip. Maintenance and operation, high toughness, smoothness and friction resistance make it suitable for high-speed automatic packaging production lines.
Heat shrinkable film: the process does not produce water, also do not stick seal, maintenance and simple operation, high, low friction resistance, can be used for high speed automatic packaging production line; processing can produce water, easy to cause mechanical damage, but also easy to stick in the seal, the operation is not convenient, it is difficult to maintain.
5 safety index
After shrink film, PE shrink packaging, pliers like the equipment, soft corners, without cutting hands, friction resistance, shrink wrap, sealed four soft, rather than layoffs.
Heat shrinkable film, shrink wrap, difficult and sharp forceps like devices, easy bleeding.
6. Environmental sanitation
PE shrink film: non-toxic, when treated, does not produce a toxic odor, consistent with the standards of the food and Drug Administration and the usda.
Heat shrinkable film: toxic, processing will produce odor, toxic gas, gradually disabled.