SY teaches you how to stretch the quality of the film separately
2017-12-16 10:36:23

 SY teaches you how to stretch the quality of the film separately


       Now, the logistics industry is a new industry, so the tensile membrane has been widely used, stretch film is a piece or pallet packaging and other packaging, to stretch film has good transparency in use, when we are in the test, you can take a transparent plastic light transmittance and fog methods of test. So can you tell the quality of the tensile film?
Stretch film
One: PVC plastic film and plastic film on the silicon stretching from the peeling test, the opposite side of the hard mask coating glue to glue and glue kneading, tightly bonded together, and then pulled away from that between gum and gum is the longest stretch of rubber wire can not be more than 0.2 mm, so the possibility of stretch film when using the minimal degumming.


Two: check the thickness of PVC mask is also very important. Because it is related to maintaining the impact force of the membrane, usually the thickness of the drawing film is about 9mic. If the demand is deep, the thickness of the mask should be added correspondingly, otherwise it will be breakdown and damage the processed object.


Three: detection of tensile membrane available micrometer, only by visual, touch is not easy to grasp, because the diameter of hair silk is 7 or so, just touch sensitivity is difficult to reach, who weighed each volume weight, actually maintaining membrane base paper and glue thickness is not the same, so it is difficult to accurately sure, detection of 9mic mask thickness due to the opposite is also coated with a layer of glue, so should reach 11 silk as the standard, rather than the total amount of 9mic stretch film and glue.
In the production process of the tensile membrane, we must pay attention to the control of each process, and it can also improve the efficiency of industrial production.