How to distinguish the inferior BOPP tape
2017-12-21 14:25:31

 How to distinguish the inferior BOPP tape

Generally, the inferior OPP sealing tape is dark, the probability of breaking the sealing tape is very high and the strength is poor.
OPP sealing tape, the country does not have a perfect standard for the tape industry. Therefore, it is very important to judge the quality of the BOPP sealing tape. In the purchase of BOPP sealing tape, it is easy to be brought into a misunderstanding, it is easy to choose some poor quality BOPP sealing rubber. The main business of BOPP sealing tape is how to choose BOPP sealing tape, which is an indispensable commodity in light industry enterprises, companies and personal lives. But now many people are lack of professionalism due to BOPP sealing tape, so:
First, if the smell, taste is very strong, there is a sour taste, this kind of BOPP sealing tape holding force is very poor, especially in the low temperature environment, the basic stick will crack in the box, when the more concentrated flavor feel sticky or tack, but will soon face dry glue astringent, lose sex, then have cracks in the surface of BOPP sealing tape. Because of the unevenness of the glue.
Two, to see the brightness of the film, the general inferior BOPP sealing tape is dark, the probability of breaking the sealing tape is very high, and the strength is poor.
Three, the thickness of the feel film, the hard sealing tape of the film is generally more times, and because of the thickness of the film, the actual number of rice will be reduced. The good BOPP sealing tape is soft and stretches with the hand.
Four, look at the color, generally transparent, the more color the BOPP box seal tape looks, the less the impurity of the sealing tape is, so as to ensure the normal stickiness. The sealing tape with the transparency below 100 meters has a certain transparency and can see the paper tube. Yellow seal tape is used to see whether there are irregular spots on the surface of the sealing tape, and the products are usually smelling with impurities or glue dry imprints.
Five, look at the paper tube with BOPP sealing tape paper tubes are generally in order to mislead the consumer.
BOPP sealing tape is based on BOPP biaxially oriented polypropylene film as substrate, and then evenly coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive emulsion through heating, making it form a glue layer of 8 micron m----28 m. It is an indispensable commodity in light industry enterprises, companies and personal lives.
1. Look at the total thickness of the BOPP sealing tape
2. Look at the pulling force of the BOPP sealing tape
3, BOPP glue sealing tape.
4. Look at the stripping force of BOPP sealing tape
5: take a section of BOPP sealing tape on the box to see if it is easy to warp, whether it is easy to break, and whether it can destroy the surface of the carton.