The cause of light yellow in the production process of the stretch film
2017-12-26 10:25:13

 The cause of light yellow in the production process of the stretch film


Stretching film will appear yellowish when it is produced. Many people have doubts that if the stretching film appears pale yellow, can it still be used?
Strictly speaking, stretch film and color two only colorless, pale yellow appearance is mainly Dov, masterbatch and other additives or process changes, if the color is shallow, and the stretching rate is not affected by the tackiness you can use, if the color is not natural, general quality will be very poor.
Stretch film production technology development today has been very mature, some manufacturers will try to change the formula to stretch film production of different properties, mainly reflected in three aspects: color, tensile rate and self adhesive, single color change does not affect the use of stretch film, you know most of the time due to the melting temperature of different processing set that change will cause the stretch film color, but will not affect the transparency, this is a good stretch film, if the drop rate and the tensile properties of adhesive, stretch film is poor, he may be mixed with impurities.
If the color of the stretched film is pale yellow, but the diaphaneity, the stretching rate and the self stickiness do not change, and there is no peculiar smell. It can be used. If four indicators change, do not use it again.