Teach you how to calculate the length of the pack
2017-12-27 10:04:14

How do you calculate the length of each volume in the packing belt?

The length of a packing belt, which is divided by one meter in length, is divided by the weight of one meter, and the length of each pack is no error.
For example, a roll of packing belt is 10Kg, 10Kg=10000g, and the weight of the pack is 10g, then the length of the pack is 1000 meters. The volume of the strap length: 10000g / 10g=1000 meters
The semi-automatic packing machine can be packaged automatically, but the table has no power, it needs to push manually, and the packing can be passed through the packing machine. The packer's principle is to use strapping tape to wrap products or packages, then tighten and connect the two ends through the thermal effect melting or using buckles and other materials. The function of the strapping machine is to make the plastic belt cling to the surface of the bundled package, so as to ensure that the package is not scattered in the transportation and storage, and at the same time, it should be neat and beautiful. The price of the binding machine: the price of the full automatic strapping machine or the full automatic binding machine is two times more than the semi-automatic equipment. What are the reasons why the packing belt is not glued?
The tape is not the tape for the machine. Because if the tape is too thick, the head temperature can not meet the needs of the band will appear, not adhering to the situation. Semi automatic packing machine is usually a belt is 12*0.6mm PP, the head temperature regulation is appropriate. A button can adjust the temperature of the hot head on the control panel of packaging machine, packing for long time use, it will stick to perm pack residue, affect the temperature in the course of time, perm, then you need to adjust the heating time will be a little longer. The head angle. Is there a perm in time to take radian, when the curvature is too large, the head will appear in place of the insert state, then manually adjust the head position.