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Service philosophy:
Standing on the customer's position to look at the problem, customers would like to think that the urgency of urgency, all the problems in the control of the source to high-quality high standards of products and after-sales service to win customers with customers.
Service Mission: sincere, reasonable and efficient
Double source packaging to customer satisfaction as the only pursuit. Sincere treatment of every customer, regardless of pre-sale and after-sales consistently. And to provide reasonable advice and suggestions to customers, recommend the most appropriate products, to customers cost savings as the goal, to provide customers with the most affordable products. The company has a good sales force and after-sales service system, and always efficient customer service!
Quality: high standards, high quality, cost-effective
Product is the fundamental enterprise competition, is the basis for the survival and development of enterprises. Double source packaging in the principle of innovation, both to ensure the stability of existing products quality, but also based on innovation, the development of more cost-effective products to meet the customer's economic needs. From production planning, to technology research and development, we also continue to in-depth, innovative, high standards to the industry to ask themselves.
4 core strengths
Rally: 4 times the degree of stretch, higher than the industry average 2-3 times the degree of stretch
Product thickness uniformity: uniform product thickness, the average 0.015 ~ 0.018mm industry average 0.018mm
After-sales service customized services: to provide customized services, according to customer demand specifications
Quality assurance Quality assurance: the introduction of automatic advanced production equipment, high quality
Choose the dual source packaging stretch film 6 reasons
Equipment advantages: the most advanced automated production equipment to ensure product quality
Personnel advantages: with more than 20 years experience in industry products, engineers, 10 production staff of more than 200 people
Delivery advantage: 5 tons of orders, the day shipment of 20 tons, three days of shipment
Logistics advantages: a sound logistics system, and perennial with
Aftermarket advantage
Product quality assurance, not satisfied that return
7 * 24 hours to provide advice and services
Reputation advantage